UV Screen


On Glass

UV Bottle Decoration

A UV screen printed label will make your product pop off the shelf. This labeling technique can decorate various consumer products across many industries, including wine, spirits, beer, and beauty. It’s also the ideal labeling choice to pair with glass bottles that have been spray-coated as part of the packaging design.

Vibrant UV Labels

UV inks provide you with the broadest color palette selection. Custom color formulations are possible with UV inks to achieve the perfect Pantone color for your artwork. The process of custom color matching is quick and easy. UV inks offer greater vibrancy than ceramic inks and maybe a better choice over ceramic inks for certain design styles.

Energy Efficiency

UV lamps cure the inks on the bottle instead of passing the bottle through a Lehr oven offering greater energy efficiency than printing with ceramic inks. Correctly done, the UV light in conjunction with a pre-treatment process will adequately cure the UV inks to achieve a durable print. UV printing offers the lowest carbon footprint option possible.

UV screen printing offers exciting opportunities:

  • Maximum branding impact with vibrant colors
  • Unique design options
  • Lower carbon footprint

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