Color Coating

& Frosting

On Glass

Spray Your Glass With Color

Bring new products and designs to life by color coating and frosting glass bottles and jars. Now, you can transform your package with a beautiful custom color coat matched to the Pantone number of your choice. Purchasing colored glass is a challenge. Supply and color choices are limited. High MOQs and long lead times are standard. Now, you can create your own custom-colored containers in a fraction of the time.

Colored glass offers packaging designers a whole new world of design options. Standard glass molds can be easily transformed into something unique by tinting the glass with color. In addition to glass, metal and plastic containers can be successfully coated. Our environmentally friendly, water-based organic sprays will transform your package and make your product stand out on the shelf.

Color-coated and tinted glass is suitable for a wide range of products, including spirits, wine, beauty products, and specialty foods such as olive oil. In addition, ultraviolet-blocking coating is available in a clear color to protect light-sensitive products from UV degradation.

Frosted Glass Bottles and Jars

Frosting is a popular option for spirit and liquor bottles but it can also be used for wine packaging designs. Frosting mimics the look of etched or acid-dipped glass without the use of any harmful chemicals. Our organic spray coating is environmentally friendly while still achieving the same etched glass effect. Choose from a clear frosting or a color frost of your choice to create an additional wow factor.

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Color Coating Glass The Easy Way

Our color spray service is suitable for most bottle sizes and shapes. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Select your desired color using the Pantone book.
  • Pick your finish – choose from frosted, opaque or transparent.
  • Decide on the gloss level – gloss, or matte.

Once your bottle is color-coated, we are happy to print your label over the coating using our eco-friendly UV inks. Alternatively, we can ship your beautiful glass to the bottling line for paper label application.

Contact us about color coating or frosting your glass or aluminum package.