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Why Work for Monvera?

“I never knew a company like this existed”
“I just love what you do here.”
“Wow, the bottles are really beautiful!”

These are just some of the reactions we get when people come to visit us. It’s our mission to liberate glass bottles from paper labels and replace them with beautiful screen-printed ones instead. At Monvera, you get to work in a unique and creative environment where every project is new and different.

Open Positions

Lucky for us, we have lots of great employees. There are no open positions at this time.




Competitive Package

All the important stuff like a paycheck, paid PTO, medical/dental/vision coverage, and a 401K plan with a generous employer match. And for fun, company lunches and raffles. We are closed over Christmas and New Year, so you can enjoy time with family and friends.

Great Location with Views

A waterfront location with easy access to the bay trail for recreation during breaks. Passcards to our neighbours Columbia/Mountain Hardwear employee store.

Growth Opportunities

On-the-job training and opportunities for growth. Many of our employees have been with us for more than 5 years and have gained experience in multiple roles.

Stability and Assurance

Stable employment. Hey, that's noteworthy! We've survived and thrived through economic crises and even Covid. Monvera is here to stay!


Working at Monvera has been fulfilling in many ways. I am able to participate in the development of new and exciting projects and watch them come to life.

Xinia Euresti

Customer Service

Working at Monvera has given me an opportunity to develop new skills and to move into the field of quality control.

Elis Martinez

Quality Control

Interested in joining Monvera? Explore our career opportunities and see how you can build an exciting and successful team.