Pad Printing

On Lids

Extend Your Branding

Pad printing on lids offers a unique opportunity to extend your brand’s visual identity beyond the jar, creating a cohesive and attractive product presentation. This technique allows you to choose from one or two colors to print your logo, brand name, or any specific motif directly on the lid, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your packaging.

Ideal for products in the beauty and wellness industries, pad printing can significantly elevate the premium look of your packaging. By printing on the top of the jar, you draw the consumer’s eye directly to your brand, reinforcing brand recognition and enhancing visual appeal. This method is perfect for jars typically used in skincare, health, and wellness products, where the first impression at the point of sale can greatly influence purchasing decisions.

Premium Look

Incorporating pad printing on lids into your product packaging strategy can provide a competitive edge by:

  • Enhancing the visual impact of your product through superior branding consistency.
  • Offering flexibility in design and color selection to perfectly match your brand’s aesthetic.
  • Ensuring durability and longevity of the branding elements.

By leveraging pad printing, companies can create visually compelling,  and high-quality products that stand out in the crowded beauty and wellness markets. Maximize the premium look of your package by printing on the lid of the jar!

Multiple Color Options

When selecting colors for pad printing, you can choose one or two options that best complement your existing label design. This flexibility allows for a harmonious design scheme that ties together the colors and themes of your product line. Whether you opt for a subtle tone-on-tone look or a bold contrast that pops, pad printing can accommodate your design needs with precision.

Pad printing on lids is not only about aesthetics; it also offers practical benefits. The inks used in pad printing are durable and capable of withstanding the wear and tear that comes with regular use. This ensures that the branding remains visible and intact over the life of the product, which is crucial for maintaining brand visibility and loyalty.

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