On Glass

Upgrade your Brand

Screen printing on glass jars and bottles can significantly enhance your product’s visibility on crowded store shelves, distinguishing it from competitors that use standard paper labels. Historically favored for high-end products such as premium wines, spirits, and beauty products, advancements in technology have now reduced production costs, making screen printing a practical option for value wines, beers, non-alcoholic beverages, wellness products, and specialty food items like olive oil.

Choosing screen printing for your packaging signals a commitment to quality and can help establish or enhance your brand’s image. This technique not only reinforces the prestige of high-end brands but also elevates the perceived value of products at any price point. By employing screen printing, brands can distinguish themselves in the market, providing a unique and prestigious look that supports a higher retail price point or enhances consumer perception of value products.

Screen Printing Design Options

Screen printing on glass offers vast design possibilities across all aesthetic styles, from classic and sophisticated to bold and playful. It allows for more extensive use of the bottle’s surface, breaking free from the constraints imposed by traditional paper labels. Innovative design applications such as full-wrap prints and decoration on the neck and shoulders of bottles are possible, which maximizes the visual impact of your design.

Specialty inks, including precious metals like gold, silver, and copper, can be used to further emphasize the luxury of the product. These metallic inks add a touch of glamour and convey a sense of exclusivity and high value, enhancing the product’s appeal in the marketplace.

Screen Printing gets you Noticed

The benefits of screen printing over paper labels include:

  • Enhanced branding impact through distinctive and memorable designs.
  • A wide array of exciting design options that enable creative freedom.
  • Improved durability of the label, ensuring it remains intact and visible even under adverse conditions.
  • Increased efficiency on bottling lines, as screen-printed bottles are ready for immediate use without the need for label application.

Overall, screen printing on glass containers not only improves the aesthetic appeal of the packaging but also contributes to operational efficiencies and better market positioning. This makes it an increasingly popular choice for companies looking to differentiate their products in a competitive industry.

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