On Glass

Screen Printed Labels get you noticed.

Screen printing can help your products stand out on store shelves in a market saturated with paper labels. In the past, screen-printed labels were used mainly for premium wines, spirits, and beauty products, but lowered production costs through the use of modern equipment now make it a viable option for value wines, beers, non-alcoholic beverages, wellness products, and specialty food items such as olive oil.

Create Brand Value

When you choose a screen-print label, you seek a unique or prestigious look for your brand. A screen-printed label reinforces the brand’s prestige and supports the retail price point for premium products. It can also create a higher perceived value for products at any price point. A screen-printed package helps differentiate value consumer brands by making the package stand out from the competition.

Screen Printing Design Options

Screen printing offers exciting design possibilities, and the technique can be applied across all styles, ranging from classic and sophisticated to bold and fun. From a branding perspective, screen-printing lets you use more of your bottle surface and frees you from the limitations of a paper label dieline. Full-wraps, neck, and shoulder printing are possible and can maximize the visual impact of your design. Specialty inks such as precious metal gold, silver, and copper underscore the quality of the product. These metallic inks deliver the glamour of precious metals and the perception of luxury that comes with them.

Compared to paper labels, screen printing offers significant advantages:

  • Branding impact
  • Exciting design options
  • Improved label durability
  • Increased bottling line efficiency

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